First impression is everything, and you only have one chance to make it right. Talking to Harvard Business Review, Whitney Johnson explained that once someone has formed their judgement based on the first impression, it’s really hard to change that judgement. No pressure though, we’ve got you covered with this 5 kick ass tips to impress everyone at work. However, it’s really important that you practice the following tips. Practice makes perfect!

  1. Research your employer

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Find out everything you can about the company, it can really gives you a heads up and catch on things so you won’t come in on the first day and haven’t got a clue about the company you are working for. Every boss loves employees that are come prepared. They will be impressed at how prepared you are for the job.

  1. Remember everyone’s name

Seriously, remember them all. It actually is easier than you thought, try repeating their name immediately after you are being introduced. Say something like “Nice to know you, John.” This could get you a long way and gives you a good first impression. Everyone will be impressed and you will win friends immediately.

  1. Come early

There is nothing worse than coming in late. It directly sends a bad signal to everyone else, including your boss. Come in early, show everyone that you are a hard worker and you take this job seriously. Coming in early is a good old fashioned way of impressing people at work.

  1. Dress to impress

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Doll up and show an effort to look at your best. Wear an appropriate dress or any other attire that suits your job. Listen, you might not get credit for it, people might not notice, but it is extremely important to present yourself in the best way possible.

  1. Be proactive

Take initiatives, be helpful, be thoughtful. Help others, don’t be passive and just sit around on your desk and browse the internet when your work is finished. Ask around, always eager to learn more and be proactive. Speaking from personal experience here, your boss will love your proactive attitude. There is nothing worse than be a passive employee in your new job.

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