One of the main causes of boobs sagging is exercising without a sports bra on or not wearing sports bra with the right support regardless of your boobs size. Once this has happened, there is no going back. The damage is permanent. Even girls with 30A will experience the same effects as girls with 36 D. You would not want to have small and saggy boobs, would you?

How boobs sagging occur

Boobs are the only part of the body that does not have internal support. Our legs, hands, abs are all supported by muscles, bones, ligaments, and so on. More importantly, we can control the movement of these parts while we have no control on how our boobs move. Boobs are mostly made up of fatty tissue and only get supports from our skin and fragile ligaments called Coopers’ ligaments.

Coopers’ ligaments are the connective tissue that keeps breasts perky. During repetitive movement such as running and high impact sports such as a HIIT session, the breast would bounce in various directions. These movements will pull and stretch the ligaments. Once the Cooper’s ligaments have stretched it will stay this way. The result? Sagging boobs.

Wearing sports bra does not mean that you will never have sagging boobs. It naturally comes with age, but you can prevent it to happen prematurely by wearing sports bra wit the right size and support.

Invest in good sports bra

In a survey by Triumph International (a lingerie company) out of 10,000 women, nearly 65% wore the wrong bra size. Accoring to Febin Melepura, M.D., a pain specialist at Stanford Pain and Sports Medicine of NYC, if you are wearing the wrong regular bra, chances are you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

It is amazing that many women still think bra or sports bra is not as important. Other studies show that women focus and spend more on outerwear while they should be focusing on undergarment first.


Sports bra types

There are basically 2 types of sports bra. Compression sports bra and encapsulation sports bra.

  • Compression sports bra – your regular crop top bras


Compress the breasts against the chest wall so that there is minimal movement of the breast

  • Encapsulation sports bra – Separate cups


Individual cups to surround and support each other separately. Gives better support for high impact sports.


Sports bra checklist

  • Your boobs should not move AT ALL during exercises.
  • Tight underband: Should be tighter than a regular bra.
  • Fabric over bust area should be tight.
  • Good coverage at side and top of breast.
  • Straps should not dig in.
  • Allow you to move freely and comfortably.
  • Your boobs should be closer to your chin than your belly button.


So there you go. Buy a proper sports bra that fits and provides the right support for you now!

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