Monday Blues

It has become a worldwide phenomenon, especially in social media. It seems normal to hate Monday. How often we’ve come across people complaining about Monday and having to go to work on a Monday? Countless times. There is fundamentally something wrong with the society, why has we allowed this to be okay? Monday should be our chance to start the week with a bang! We should get excited for Monday.

Negative impact

In fact, our negative feeling correlates directly with our performance and productivity. Some of the negative effects are less productivity, less motivated, less creative, less engaged and learn more slowly. So many studies can attest to this.


Get excited for Monday

Monday can be fun and exciting. It’s the start of a new week and you should welcome it with enthusiasm and excitement. Try out these tips to shaken up your Monday.

Figure out your problem

Monday blues is a serious problem for your career and wellbeing. Find out what the real problem is and find the solution. If you really hate your job, consider finding another job that you really care about.

Start Monday easy

Try finishing most of your work by Friday. Don’t leave everything out for Monday. Start off easy.

Create a to-do list

Alice and Lois
Alice and Lois

One way to get excited is to write down a to-do list for the week. Highlight the exciting stuff that’s going to happen. If nothing is exciting, well create something exciting!

Chill on the weekend

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Get fully rested on the weekend. Treat yourself. Disconnect completely from work and chill. Come back to work strong and fully recharged.

Get enough sleep and wake up early

The worst thing you can do is coming in to work on Monday morning and you are sleep deprived. Get that 7-8 hours sleep and wake up early. Avoid waking up late and having to rush to work.

Dress to impress


Wear something nice. Dress up for work as it could boost your mood going to work.

Monday motivation

Watch this 49 seconds video by @garyvee to motivate you!

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