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We get so many information, tips, tricks, blogs, vlogs, motivations, on how to lose weight. Losing weight always has been and will always be about eating right and exercising regularly. That has been the mantra but talking and actually doing it is two different things. Therefore our mind plays an important role in our mission to lose weight. In other words we have to change the way our mind thinks. We can achieve weight loss by applying some of these psychological strategies. It is important to remember that everyone is different. So find what is best for you.


She Knows
She Knows

Before we can change, we have to accept who we are. Embrace who we are, what we are. Self-acceptance does not mean giving up and not improve ourselves. In fact, self improvement can only follows self-acceptance. We can never improve before we accept who we are first. Improve what we can change and learn to accept what we can’t.

Write it down

Jeshu John
Jeshu John

Write down your goals. Visualize it in your head, then commit to it by writing it down. Turn your wishes into achievable goals. Goals doesn’t have to be in weight, goals might be what activities you do to burn extra calories. For example, walk for the stairs instead taking elevator. Be careful in setting goals, avoid using the weight scale as your only target.

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Use affirmation

One of the fastest ways to reshape the our mind is by using affirmation. Affirmation sounds like this:

“I am healthy, fit, eat the right foods.”

“I workout regularly, I eat clean, I am in good shape.”

“I am on my way to a better me physically”

You can create your own affirmation that suits you. Practice affirmation for at least an hour each day during your first week, then gradually tone it down as you are getting used to your new habits and lifestyle.

Positive thinking

This sounds so cliché, but it’s very true. Our mind is the best weapon we will ever have. So use it wisely. Focus on what we can do instead on what we CAN’T. Don’t say words like “I can’t stand this exercise” or “I can’t eat this food”. More often than not, we can do it. We just don’t want to because we are not used to it and our mind and body is rejecting it. Fight it. Be the change we want to be.


LUXXE Organix
LUXXE Organix

Meditation is the mind’s best friend. It improves our decision-making. We don’t have to meditate for hours, even 10 minutes each day can improves our decision-making. It’s better to do it in shorter length but consistent rather than going for 1 hour but inconsistently. So practice meditation.

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To discover more psychological ways to lose weight, read this amazing book. It has real actionable tips that you can apply straight away. This book really helped me in losing weight AND maintaining it.

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