Jet lag is a pain in the ass. It’s so exhausting and usually it takes a couple of days for our body to adjust to the new time zone. Those dreaded days are over my friend. You can prevent jet lag from happening at all. Take a look at these proven ways to avoid jet lag.


Before the actual flight


Prepare your body

Give yourself the best chance by eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercise. The fitter your body is, the lighter the jet lag effects.


Book the flight with the best time

Try to schedule your flight so that you will arrive in your final destination in the morning or afternoon.


Adjust your sleep time to your destination

Changing your sleeping patterns a couple of days before the actual flight can go a very long way for you.


When heading east, try to go to bed earlier each night.


When heading west, try to stay up later each night.


Equip yourself to sleep in-flight

Pack a noise-cancelling headphone, travel pillow and eye cover.


Finish packing early

It’s always nice to finish packing early. This means getting it done 24 hours before your flight. Give yourself some breathing space and avoid the stress of last minute packing.


During the flight


Set your watch

As soon as you are seated, set the time on your watch to your destination time. This gives a signal to you unconscious mind and body to adapt to a new time zone.


No alcohol and coffee

Because alcohol, any kind of alcohol will dehydrate you due to the cabin air pressure and high altitude. The same applies to coffee.


Drink a lot of water

Like a LOT. The high altitude dehydrates your body at a faster rate and it can worsen jet lag when you land (drink at least 8 ounce or 240 ml of water every hour)



Huffington Post
Huffington Post

It’s pretty obvious, get as much sleep as you can. Especially if you are flying overnight. Resist the temptation of the in-flight entertainments.

When you decide to take sleeping pills make sure you are flying long enough. Avoid taking one when the flight is shorter than 7 hours or you can end up feeling all groggy when you reach your destination. Always consult with a doctor before taking any pills or other medication.


After you have landed in your destination


Expose yourself to sunlight

Exposing yourself to sunlight and outdoors will stimulate the biological clock in your body. It will send a signal that it is daytime and not time for bed yet.


Get crackin’

If you arrive at 10 am, do what you usually do back home at 10. Don’t go to bed just yet. A 30-minute nap can lead to 3 hours nap and it will only worsen the jet lag effects.



This travel blogger from Australia has a unique advice to cure jet lag called Earthing. Basically this means put your bare feet on the ground (grass, dirt or sand) for at least 30 minutes. We haven’t tried this yet but it’s so simple and has an interesting logic behind it that it’s worth a try!


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