17 November 2016 marks a special day for Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) and her fitness army, known as #KaylasArmy. On that special day in Melbourne, Kayla and her army broke FIVE world records in a matter of hours. The records broken were:

Most people performing star jumps

  • Most people running in place simultaneously
  • Most people doing sit-ups simultaneously
  • Most people performing lunges
  • Most people performing squats

There were more than 2,000 participants took part, accompanied by Aussie DJ Tiger Lily (@tigerlily), it really was a fitness party!

This meteoric rise of Kayla in the fitness community continues with the world records she and her army broke. Kayla and her partner Tobi Pearce (@tobi_pearce) founded the Bikini Body Guide. Today, it is one of the largest fitness communities. It is absolutely incredible what she has achieved during that time frame. Kayla has 5.9 million followers on her Instagram account (that’s more than any other fitness account on Instagram). It is safe to say that she is the queen of fitness.

She also launched her new website last week, sweat.com to reinforce BBG and creating a whole new platform for her army to communicate and support each other.

“The @Sweat forum is a place for women of all different shapes and sizes, doing all types of workouts, from many different fitness communities, from all over the world to connect along their journey and support one another. A safe and supportive place for women to connect about their health and fitness journeys and to inspire and motivate each other along the way. Tobi and I are so grateful to have you all on this amazing journey with us, remember, the greatest resource we have in life, is each other.”
Kayla Itsines

One of the things we love about Kayla is that she constantly post transformation of her girls after doing the BBG. Now some may say that is a marketing stunt. We think that she really cares about her girls and that helping people brings her pure joy. Also, it is a huge motivation to see those kinds of pictures, it makes you believe that you can be the next one, you can do it!


The other thing we love about her and her community is the positive vibe. It is such a huge community that’s just filled with positive and supportive people. It’s not one of those communities that show hard love, you will never see Kayla swearing and insulting her girls during exercises.


We are expecting big things ahead from her. The sky is the limit for fitness sensation Kayla and her partner Tobi.

Sweat on!

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