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Even if you love what you do, going into Mondays can leave you disorganised after a weekend or holiday. The key though, is to how you spend your Sundays. Well, like you’ve heard it a thousand times “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” This quote can’t be more true. So we have come up with some tips for you on how to spend your Sundays based on the habit of successful women.

Stay clear of alcohol 

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Sober up. Leave all the feasting on Friday and Saturday. Over-indulging yourself on Sunday can leave you lethargic coming in to work on Monday. This means no alcohol and heavy food, including wine. Instead try to eat three balanced, delicious meals on Sunday with each meal includes lean protein and complex carbs to give you the required energy. Also add on green vegetables and high-fibre fruit to aid digestion and leave you feeling full. Drink a lot of water and remember, no alcohol! Consuming even a little tiny of alcohol can cause your body to dehydrate and leave you feeling sluggish on Monday.

Get organized

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Set aside one hour in your Sunday to plan ahead for the upcoming week. Organizing for the week ahead will free up some head space and you will worry less. This means marking your calendar for events or reminder, update your to-do list, set your weekly goals, you can even plan what are you going to wear. Maybe not for the whole week, but for Monday. Your mind will thank you for these early work before the actual work week starts. More offer, mapping out your week on a piece of paper has been known to reduce stress and anxiety and help you feel that you are in control.

Do something meaningful

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Spend some quality time with your loved ones. Really focus all your attention and effort to them for some time during Sunday. Or do something that is consistent with your values, such as volunteering in your community, deep meditation, whatever it is that makes you mentally at ease. This will recharge your spiritual batteries and you will take on Monday with high spirits.

Me time

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Find the time to really switch-off and have a little bit of down time. The key here though is to schedule your me time or at least the duration of it. Otherwise it will be impossible to switch off. This is your relaxation time, do whatever works for you. Take a nap, read a book, watch your favourite movies, go to the spa, go have a massage. Do whatever it is that makes you relaxed and refresh your mind.

Rest real good


There is literally nothing worse than coming in on Monday being sleep-deprived. Take a good 8 hours of night sleep. Come in on Monday feeling energized and ready to tackle any problem. When you are sleep-deprived it will be harder to tackle problem and you will tire faster both mentally and physically and Mondays will be a lot harder. Give yourself the best possible chance to take on Monday by first taking care of your body.

So, you have heard it all. It is extremely important to spend your Sunday right when you want to crush it on Monday.

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