This personal trainer and nutritionist (@meghanaro) took to Instagram to perfectly laid out what’s wrong with the fitness industry. And she’s so right.

Why I dislike physique competitions:- - Some of you following me choose to compete, and I totally respect your hard work and dedication. But it seems that physique competitors have become the face of fitness, when in actuality there are SO many ways to be fit. Fitness means something different to everybody. To my 50 year old mom fitness means being able to carry her groceries by herself, walk a couple miles, and have correct posture to avoid back pain, to someone with more athletic goals fitness might mean being able to squat a lot of weight or run a mile in X amount of time. Fitness doesn’t always have to come with perfectly chiseled muscles, in fact if you look at Olympic athletes they don’t look anything like body builders. But for some reason people think that trainers or people who are “fit’ need to look a certain way in order to be taken seriously. I see vegans drawn into this especially because we have this need to prove that we get enouigh protein, grr see my muscles? Protein! (Guilty)- - Last year I signed up for a bikini competition, I did almost 2 months of prep before I decided I was done. The competition wasn’t for me, it was to prove something to everyone else. I have friends who have trained for these bikini competitions as well, during their cutting phase they were COACHED, by a “professional”, to eat 1200-1400 calories per day, while working out. This is supposedly the face of fitness? The face of health? Ladies, starvation is not fitness. Athletes eat to perform, not to starve themselves down to a body fat percentage they cannot maintain past one event. That’s not fitness, that’s a socially acceptable eating disorder if we’re being perfectly honest. - - If competing makes you happy, then do you. But for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the fitness industry who says you need to look a certain way in order to be “fit”, I’d like to encourage you to change your definition of fitness. I define fitness by: lack of any chronic (preventable) pain, mobility, proper posture, ablility to hold and effectively move your own body weight, and ability to return to resting heart rate after cardio activity; anything more is icing 😏

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