Game of Thrones season 7 is well and truly underway. All the build up, all the wait, it’s finally here. And it did not disappoint. There are some powerful scenes in the movies that portrays women as powerful and strong. We love this! So this gives us an idea to compile and share with you girl bosses, our favourite girl power moments in recent movies or TV series. So here we go:

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Game of Throne season 7 episode 1, House of Cards season 5 last episode, Suits season 7 episode 1, this is your last chance to look away now.

1. Dany’s Here, And She’s Going  To Burn Ya!

Or at least that’s what we expect her to do. From the first till this season, we have seen how the mother of dragon has grown as a character and as a queen. Not to mention the three dragons watching over her. This scene tough, there are not much dialogue. In fact Daenerys only spoke one sentence upon arriving at the Dragonstone.

“Shall we begin?”

Ooooohhh girl, let’s begin.

Knowing that this is GOT, something horrible might probably happen to our favourite character, so fingers crossed here. But it’s so good to see a woman leading the charge, to take what’s rightfully hers’ instead of accepting the way things are going. Talk about girl power, nothing gets more powerful than this. Well, unless you are the current queen *cough Cerci*

2. THAT Opening Scene from GOT S7 Episode 1

She might be a girl, but don’t let that fool you. Arya showing us that she got some mad skills, courtesy of the skills she learnt from the Faceless Assasin. The season premiere started off with a bang and straight away it gets us right on the edge of our seat. Holy sh*t Arya! You go Girl!!

We won’t go into too many details as you know what we are talking about. Revenge is best served cold.

3. First Female President

United States finally got their first female president. At least in the case of House of Cards.

“It’s my turn.”



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