Have you ever found yourself waking up and feeling all groggy and disoriented that you just want to go back to bed straight away? We’ve all been there. At times it’s because we didn’t get enough sleep. However, even if we do get a good long sleep, we still end up waking up and feeling like disoriented. We are happy to tell you that those times are over!

So there’s this app called Sleep Cycle and we’ve been using this app for almost a month now and it has done magic, real magic!

Credit: Sleep Cycle
Credit: Sleep Cycle

Waking up has never been this easy. It has become effortless. Ditch your usual alarm clocks, download the Sleep Cycle app and feel the difference. It has been featured in the likes of CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, and so on. That’s how good this app is.

So how does the app work? Basically the app tracks your sleep patterns by listening to  and wakes you up when you are in the light sleep state. This is where the magic happens, you will wake up easily feeling so refreshed without feeling shocked and disoriented. Another reason is the alarm will wake you up slowly with this feature called intelligent snooze. The app wakes you up slowly with each snooze duration becomes shorter and making that transition to waking up so effortless. 

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